Generous gifts from parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni and friends help to create the depth and breadth in the educational program at United Day School.  Cutting edge programs rely on exceptional philanthropic support.  Every gift given to United Day School touches the lives of its students in profound ways.  They are invaluable.

Here are some of the things you should know:

  • As with almost all private schools in the U.S., tuition and fees do not cover all of the costs of operating the school. At UDS, tuition and fees cover 85% of the operating costs. The other 15% comes from fundraisers.
  • The Annual Giving Program provides a vehicle by which we can obtain funding for continued academic excellence and superior education.
  • The Annual Giving Program allows for our school to continue to be a valued asset to the community and a place where a diverse cross-section of our population can attend, prosper, and in return eventually benefit our community and all of our futures.
  • Gifts to the UDS Annual Giving Fund count toward charitable giving on your income tax return.

Annual Giving

The Annual Fund Giving Program was initiated in the 2006-07 school year to uphold and improve our standards for the education of our students.  Each year since 1953, the cost of providing a UDS education has exceeded tuition revenue.  The current gap between tuition and the cost per student is approximately 10% and continues to grow each year as the cost of education rises.  Annual Giving provides the unrestricted dollars needed to balance the budget after taking into account tuition funds and income from the school’s endowment.

Gifts to the Annual Fund helps ensure:

  • A low student/faculty ratio
  • A challenging academic program and rich extracurricular activities
  • A faculty of the highest caliber
  • A talented and diverse student body

Other Ways to Give

  • Endowment – It is the goal of United Day School to be known throughout the region for having signature programs.  To accomplish this goal United Day must be able to compete for an outstanding student body that is academically capable and well rounded and a faculty that is among the best in the country.  UDS must offer an academic program that is superior in all areas, facilities that support the existing program, an enhanced curriculum, a strong financial aid merit/need-based program that will attract the best and brightest.  We must also provide a compensation package to our faculty that is outstanding.  An endowment will provide support to future generations of UDS students.
  • Charitable Trusts – A charitable trust can be established for United Day School in which the principal remains intact and the interest can be used for operations.
  • Bequests – Arrangements can be made in your estate plans to bequest a sum to United Day School.
  • Stocks – Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving.  If your gift of stock is one you have owned for more than a year, you may deduct its full market value as a charitable deduction while bypassing all capital gains taxes.  This gift enables many of our friends to contribute far more than would otherwise be possible.
  • Gifts in Kind – Any gift of a service or item needed by the school, such as academic/athletic/fine arts supplies, is considered a Gift in Kind.
  • Memorial and Honor Gifts – Many people have chosen to honor a family member, loved one, or friend by making a contribution in their name.  These gifts are a wonderful way to remember or honor someone special while providing opportunities for current and future students.