Carpool Instructions
Adults other than the primary driver may pick up the student(s) if they are listed on the transportation card; however, please send a note in the morning to the teacher and call the office specifying who will be responsible for your child if the primary driver will not be picking them up that day. Parents are responsible to inform all backup drivers of the policies

Morning Drop-Off Carpool:

  1. Students are to be dropped off at the front entrance before 7:55 a.m.
  2. Enter on the campus south perimeter road from McPherson onto the right lane.
  3. Follow the car in front of you at all times, do not cross lanes and do not pass.
  4. Students will exit the vehicles in the front of the building in the area stretching from the APR to the Extended Day building.
  5. Students will enter the building through the front main entrance.
  1. Students report to the classroom area, leave the backpack lined up along the wall in front of the classroom and then report outside to the play area.
  2. The flow of carpool vehicles will exit through gate 2.

 Afternoon Pick-up Carpool:

  1. Pre-primary through 1st grade will enter on the campus south perimeter road from McPherson onto the right lane.
  2. When the right lane fills up, a magnetic sign that reads “Last Car” will be attached to the roof of that vehicle. No cars should pull up behind this vehicle.
  3. Once the “Last Car” sign is in place, all entering traffic will flow into the left lane and pull up to the entrance of the school directly behind the cones provided. (This is so that no vehicles extend onto McPherson causing traffic congestion).
  4. At the entrance to the school, when the duty teacher sees the vehicle with the “Last Car” sign, she will move the cones to the right lane allowing vehicles from the left lane to enter next.
  5. Do not cross lanes, do not pass, and do not go around cars that are still loading. Follow the car in front of you at all times until you exit school property.
  6. 2nd through 8th grade will enter through San Isidro Pkwy into the north side gate 3 entrance into the large parking area.
  7. The students will be in the gym area for pick-up.

 Student Behavior During Carpool

At pick-up time, students will wait in the APR in a classroom-like environment to minimize the wait time for carpool loading. The expectation is for students to be as quiet as possible to allow an orderly exit of students to vehicles as names are called out. Students not following the rules will be referred for disciplinary action which will affect citizenship grades.