Week of March 30 – April 3


                     5th Grade

                       Hello 5th Grade Students!  To access your online work for the week, please use the following respective homerooms Google Classroom Code.  For this week’s assignments, you will be reading out of the subject textbooks.  I was able to add Science textbook link to Google Classroom.  I wasn’t able to do the same for Social Studies textbook.  You need to use your history online textbook code to read the assignment.  If you don’t have the code, PLEASE do not worry about the assignment.  Thank you!!!  🙂

                                                      Ms. Costilla’s Google Classroom Code:    wa2s7k2

                                                     Ms. Olivares’ Google Classroom Code:      psticpn



  • Monday – 

  • Wednesday – 


Social Studies

  • Tuesday – 

  • Thursday –   

6th Grade

World History

                      Hello 6th Grade Students!  To access your online work for the week of March 30 – April 3, please log into your Google Classroom.  This week, you will also need to log into your History online textbook to do your assignment. Must read lesson and then work on handout.  Lesson quiz handout is attached in Google Classroom.  Thank you! 

                                                          Mrs. DeLLano’s Google Classroom Code:      ruf4wwa

                                                          Mrs. Yelderman’s Google Classroom Code:   vpfoo4r

  • Tuesday – 

  • Thursday –