Student Council

Student Council Officers

President:  Maria Marroquin

Vice President:  Paulina Garcia

Secretary:  Anna Lugo

Treasurer:  Carolina Puig

Historian(s):  Talia Alcantara

Parliamentarian:  Sari Covarrubias

Meeting Dates

STUCO Meetings are generally the second Wednesday of every month. Meetings will be held in the APR @ 7:30. 

st  General Membership Meeting- Wednesday, October 9th  @ 7:30 in the APR.

STUCO Calendar will be posted ASAP


**  All STUCO Representatives & Members must earn at least 10 service hours and attend meetings (no more than 3 absences).  They are also to be in good academic (B Average) and behavioral standing.

Current Events:

*Volunteers Serving a Need- Veterans Community Service Project TBA

*Long Sleeved Spirit Shirts will be for sale starting in November!