Carolina Olivares
Conference period: Monday-Friday 12:50pm-1:30pm
5th grade ELA


Wednesday, 11/3: Field Trip

Thursday, 11/4: Shurley Ch 6 Test

Friday, 11/5: “Where the Red Fern Grows” Ch 14-18 Test

Language Arts:

Students will continue working on Chapter 6 this week. We will finish up classroom practice 29 and chapter 6 checkup 30. Students have completed their vocabulary/analogy cards 14-16 and can begin studying them at home.

*I will also be assigning homework this week to keep reviewing subordinate/independent clauses as they are still having trouble identifying the differences. 

This test will cover the following: 
-8 parts of speech
-Possessive nouns
-Independent/Subordinate clause
-Complex sentence
-Types of sentences 
-Classifying/Editing/Vocabulary words & Analogies


Students will work on vocabulary and response questions to help them prepare for their chapter 14-18 test on Friday, November 15th. The response questions for these chapters is not a review, but it does help them make sure they are understanding what is going in the book. Students will be taking some of these response questions as homework so we can review them as a class. 

*Students will need to study the vocabulary words as it makes up half their test grade. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their classwork/homework is being completed. Anything that is not finished in class is to be taken home to finish for homework to be graded the following day.

Reading log is sent home every Monday and needs to be turned in every Friday. Students will need to read 35 minutes daily, Monday-Thursday. A parent signature is required in order to receive credit. 

AR requirements for the 9 weeks are as follows:
3 Chapter books (4pts and above)
5 Nonfiction books
30 points
85% Average

REMINDER: AR is worth 20% of reading average.

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